About me

Who is Martia? Martia (read Mart-ya) is short for Martina, my given name.

I am originally from the Czech Republic but residing in Italy. I am Czech through and through and miss my land of stories, castles, and coniferous forests dearly.

Where did the channel come from?

I started my YouTube channel in February 2020. At that time I was working in the Developers department of an IT company, listening to all sorts of stuff while working. It started with Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks, but I found them too distracting. So I tried sounds such as rain, storm, fire, coffee shop,… but those become too boring after a while. And then I discovered Ambient videos and soon acquired a very particular taste. The trouble was I could only find about 5 original videos in my preferred style plus videos of music and sounds from The Elder Scrolls. That was not enough for long.

If I couldn’t find it, I could make it. At least that’s what I thought (imagine a sarcastic scoff here). Boy was I optimistic! It took a long time before I started making anything close to what I envisioned.

I quit my IT job eventually and currently work on my music full time.


As of summer 2024, I will be reducing the time spent on my music. There are some big changes coming into my life and I will not be able to give all my time to creating anymore. The YouTube channel will continue, but I might not be as active.